future is coming

we don’t wait for the future. we come after it.

our story.

Founded in 2016 by Ridhwan B, Vincenda Diaz, Leonardo Kevin, & Dhiya Alhuda, DROP® GLOBAL TECH (DROP®) projected to build the ecosystem where technology offers ease, effectiveness, and efficiency to the society.

At the very first, DROP® started with D-Laundry, an on-demand online laundry service with D-Wallet as the online payment system.

In 2017, we build D-Report & D-Respond, an integrated complaint handling system. Then, D-Marketing, a CRM and Marketing Platform.

We do believe that technology has a lot and huge potencies to give impacts to the universe. and we are willing to be the part into it.

our goal

to build an ecosystem of technology to make a better society.

01. Innovate.

human needs are constantly changing. we predict and innovate to solve the problems. we do research and create things to offer society convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency

02. Solution

we do believe that every problems has the solution, there were always a better way . we want to offer solutions.

03. Synergy

technology has a huge potency. in the future, everything will be connected. and we are willing to be a big part of it.