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Our Story

DROP GLOBAL TECH (shortened DROP®) was founded in 2016 by 4 friends in a small house in Beji, Depok City. This company is aiming to build a technology ecosystem where technology offers ease, effectiveness, and efficiency to the society.

At the very first, DROP® launched its first product in Depok City. On-Demand online laundry service by empowering local laundry merchants to provide the best laundry service quality with D-Laundry Partnership Program. D-Laundry provides customers a standardized laundry service that offers worry-free and cost-friendly service in town.

In 2017, DROP® build D-Report & D-Respond, an integrated complaint handling platform. The platform has been adopted by five cities to facilitate communication between government and its citizens to build a prosperous and civilized society vibe. On early 2019, due to the demands and its potencies, the platform has developed into a broader an Integrated Smart City solution consisting Smart Governance, Smart Healthcare, Smart Economy, Smart Public Services, Smart Building, Smart CCTV, Smart Data Warehouse and Analytics, Smart Transportation, and Smart Citizenship.

DROP® also developed a financial technology focusing on the payment gateway platform that supports its tech-ecosystem. The payment gateway platform planning to have a broader function to enable convenience to society.

Besides, in the commercial merchant segment, DROP® develop D-Marketing. a CRM and Digital Marketing Platform that helps Businesses to enable data-driven business and marketing plan for their ecosystems.

In early of 2018, DROP® moved to its own office and having a 20s squad members that passionately working hard on its dream.

DROP® believes that Digital Technology has a lot and huge potencies to give impacts to the universe so they are willing to be the part in it.
Recently, DROP® are looking forward to investors & partners that willing to build a better future with developing digital technologies together. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


To provide simplicity for society on accessing the fundamentals through digital technology

Encouraging ideal digital lifestyle

Connecting ecosystems through digital integration

Empowering people in the digital era

Optimizing digital informations to provide beneficial insights

Conducting continual innovation