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Content Marketing Executive

Full Time / Part Time / Internship


  • Kemampuan perencanaan, pengaplikasian, hingga evaluasi strategi konten marketing.
  • Kemampuan analisa & pengembangan konten kreatif termasuk tulisan, gambar, & video.
  • Kemampuan presentasi ide & komunikasi yang baik dari tulisan maupun lisan.
  • Kemampuan beradaptasi dan peka terhadap perubahan pasar
  • Penguasaan media digital Instagram, Facebook, LINE@, Email Marketing, SEO, Digital Ads, dll.

Tanggung Jawab

  • Mengelola strategi konten marketing perusahaan dan produk-produknya.
  • Mengembangkan konten kreatif termasuk video, gambar, dan tulisan
  • Bekerja sama dengan tim dalam mengelola segala kebutuhan aset dan akses pendukung konten marketing
  • Memantau dan menganalisa konversi dari seluruh media marketing yang ada untuk efektifitas dan efisiensi strategi marketing.

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+62 812-8193-6565

Partner Relation Executive

Full Time / IDR4000K – IDR6000K


  • Pengalaman minimal 1 tahun di bidang penjualan (sales marketing) – atau setara lainnya
  • Kemampuan yang baik dalam menyelesaikan tantangan
  • Kemampuan komunikasi yang baik dalam tulisan maupun lisan.
  • Kemampuan melakukan presentasi & negosiasi
- Kemampuan analisis dan perencanaan strategis dalam bidang marketing/partnership
  • Kemampuan yang baik untuk bekerja dalam tim, berpikir kreatif, & kolaboratif sesuai dengan visi misi perusahaan
  • Kemampuan bekerja di kantor maupun di lapangan
  • Memiliki Kendaraan Motor & SIM C

Tanggung Jawab

  • Membuka peluang partnership dengan mitra potensial
  • Menjaga hubungan mitra dan perusahaan
  • Menjaga kinerja mitra perusahaan
  • Memberikan analisis dan saran kepada perusahaan mengenai produk dan partnership
  • Berkomunikasi aktif untuk melaporkan perkembangan pekerjaan
  • Mempresentasikan produk kepada calon Partner

Send your CV & Portfolio(s) to /
+62 812-8193-6565

Tax and Finance Executive

Full Time / IDR4000K – IDR5000K

We are looking for a Tax Accountant to prepare tax payments and returns for our company.

To succeed in this role, you should show interest in following changes to tax regulations and laws. Excellent time management skills are also essential, as you’ll have to ensure our company meets tight deadlines.

Tax Accountant responsibilities also include organizing and maintaining records of tax payments. Ultimately, you should be able to recommend tax strategies that comply with laws and promote our company’s financial well-being.


  • Prepare tax payments
  • Estimate and track tax returns
  • Complete quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Organize and update the company’s tax database
  • Recommend tax strategies that align with business goals
  • Prepare necessary paperwork for tax payments and returns
  • Share financial data with the accounting department
  • Identify tax savings and suggest ways to increase profits
  • Follow industry trends and track changes related to taxes
  • Liaise with internal and external auditors
  • Forecast tax predictions to senior managers


  • Minimum D3 Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Tax (would be preferable)
  • Proven work experience as a Tax Accountant, Tax Analyst or Tax Prepare
  • Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Familiarity with accounting software packages
  • Computer literacy (MS Excel in particular)
  • Excellent analytical and time management skills
  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Keen attention to detail


Send your CV & Portfolio(s) to /
+62 812-8193-6565

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