Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions is an agreement between you as an Application User and us as PT Drop Global Tech as a service provider of D-Laundry, D-Contact, D-Pay, D+Swab, D-Antar, and D-Report (SiBadra, Sigap!, Lapor Hendi, Mataramku, Siaran Tangsel). These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the application and the features, content, and products we provide (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “APPLICATION”).

You are expected to carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before you start using Our Application as they apply to your use of Our Application.

These Terms and Conditions include the following important points:

  1. Opening and Registering Your Account
  2. Access to Our Applications
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Uploading Content on Our Application
  5. Prohibited Usage
  6. Your Responsibility
  7. Limitation of Our Responsibility
  8. How to Contact Us

By registering and/or using Our Application, You are deemed to have read, understood, comprehended and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You also agree to the additional Terms and Conditions, including the Terms and Conditions of each Service, and amendments thereto which are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the Terms and Conditions, additional Terms and Conditions, and amendments thereto are collectively referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). Although an integral part, the additional Terms and Conditions shall prevail in the event of any conflict with the Terms and Conditions. If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, We reserve the right to terminate Your access and use of Our Application.


Before You use the Application, You must agree to these User Terms and Our Privacy Policy, and register Yourself by providing the information required by Us. During registration, We will ask You to provide Personal Information in the form of Your full name, email address, residential address, and valid mobile phone number. You can change Your Personal Information in the settings feature in the Application. After successful registration, our system will send a verification code in the form of a One Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile phone number. You need to verify by entering the OTP code on the application registration page.

After verification, Our system will create a Personal Account for You to use in using and ordering Services through the Application. The phone number You use is attached to Your Account so that it cannot be used to create a new Account with a phone number that has been registered.

The security and confidentiality of your account, including your name, e-mail address, address, and Personal Information is entirely your responsibility. All losses and risks caused by Your negligence in maintaining Personal Information will be Your responsibility. Thus, We consider any use or order of the Service made through Your Account to be a valid request from You. If You know and/or suspect that Your Account has been used without Your knowledge and consent, You are expected to contact Us immediately so that We take the necessary action.


We cannot guarantee that Our Application and the Services therein will always be available or without interruption. We grant you the freedom of permission to access the Application but your access is only temporary meaning that we can terminate your access to the Application. We may suspend, withdraw, terminate or change any part of Our Application without prior notice. You are responsible for providing access to all settings required by the Application.


Our Application, including but not limited to names, logos, designs, program codes, trademarks, technologies, databases, processes and business models, are protected by copyrights, brands, patents and other intellectual property rights legally available in the Republic of Indonesia registered in Our name. We own all intellectual property rights related to all features contained therein and related intellectual property rights.

You are forbidden to:
  1. Copy, alter, print, adapt, translate, create copycat works, distribute, license, sell, transfer, engineer, or disassemble any part of or in any way exploit the Application (including the software, features, and Services therein);
  2. License, derivative license, sell, transfer, assign, distribute, or otherwise commercially exploit or share Our Application and/or other software associated with Our Application in Any Way;
  3. Create an internet link to Our website, or frame, compute (mirror) any software on a server or wireless device or other internet-connected device;
  4. Reverse engineer or access Our Application in order to (a) build competitive products or services, b) build products based on ideas, features, functions or graphics similar to Our Application, or (c) copy ideas, features, functions or graphics on Our Application;
  5. Launch automated programs or scripts including, but not limited to, web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, bots, viruses, worms or any program that may interfere with the performance of Our Servers;
  6. Post, distribute, or reproduce in any way materials with copyright, trademark, or other proprietary information without first obtaining the consent of the owner of the proprietary rights;
  7. Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in Our Application. No licenses or rights are granted to you implicitly or otherwise under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by us and our licensors, except for the licenses and rights expressly granted in these Terms of Use. You may not use any part of the content on Our Application for commercial purposes without first obtaining a license to do so from Us or Our licensors;
  8. Sending spam or duplicative messages that are unwanted and violate applicable regulations;
  9. Sending or storing material that is disturbing, immoral, threatening, defamatory, or unlawful and harmful, including but not limited to material that is harmful to children or violates the privacy rights of third parties;
  10. Sending materials that contain software viruses such as worms and trojans, as well as other malicious codes, digital files, script codes, agents, or computer programs; is not allowed to interfere and disrupt the integrity of the performance of Our Application and the data contained therein;
  11. Obtain unauthorized access to Our Application or related systems and networks, and
  12. Impersonate another individual or entity that does not reflect your true affiliation with a person or entity.


You may use the feature that allows You to upload content or materials to Our Application (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) subject to the following criteria:

  1. Corresponds to accurate facts; and
  2. Comply with applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia and in the country from which they are written.

Content is not allowed:

  1. Contains material that defames someone;
  2. Contains obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory material;
  3. Promoting sexually explicit material;
  4. Promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
  5. Promote access to fraudulent products;
  6. Infringes on the copyrights, database rights, or trademarks of others;
  7. Can deceive someone;
  8. Made in breach of any legal obligation to a third party, such as a contractual obligation or a duty of confidentiality;
  9. Promote any unlawful activity;
  10. Threaten, abuse or invade the privacy of others, or cause unnecessary annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety;
  11. May harass, offend, embarrass, alarm or annoy anyone;
  12. Used to impersonate another person, or to falsify your identity or affiliation with another person;
  13. Give the impression that the Content originated from Us, when this is not the case; and
  14. Advocating, promoting or assisting unlawful acts such as (by way of example only) copyright infringement or computer misuse.

You are obligated to comply with all the standards set forth above and are fully responsible for the Content that You upload if there is a violation of such Content. We reserve the right to delete any Content uploaded by You on Our Application if Your Content does not comply with the standards set forth in the Terms and Conditions above.


You may only use Our Application for lawful purposes and in accordance with the Law. You are prohibited from using Our Application:

  1. Uploading content that contains elements of Race, Religion, Politics, Pornography, and other content that can disrupt the order of society;
  2. Disseminate advertising and promotional materials that are not in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia; and
  3. Intentionally spreading, sending and uploading material containing viruses, trojans, worms, adware and so on.


You are solely responsible for the decisions You make in using or accessing the Application, Services, Offers or Payment Methods. You are fully responsible for any losses and/or claims arising when You use or access Our Application, Services, Offerings, or Payment Methods, whether by You or others who access Your Account, in a manner that is contrary to laws and regulations, User Terms and Conditions, and Our Privacy Policy.


We cannot guarantee that the Application, Service, Offer, or Payment Method will be free from constraints, timeliness, suitability, availability, completeness, and security of the Application in accordance with Your expectations. The Application may experience limitations, delays, and other problems found in electronic communications, including Your device, internet services, payment services, and We are not responsible for delays, delivery failures, damage or losses caused by the above problems.

We are not obligated to monitor Your access or use of the Application. However, We still supervise all Your access or use of the Application to comply with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


If you have further questions about the privacy and security of your information, please contact us at:
Email: support@drop.id
Jl. DR Saharjo No. 55, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan.